Pellet Shortage?

There have been many reports that suggest
both pellet stoves and wood pellets will be in
short supply this winter. With pellet stove sales
up nearly 60% this year, there is a good
chance these warnings may prove true. Higher
costs for heating oil, natural gas and propane
have many consumers switching to pellets.
Pellets shortages are expected to be the most
severe on the East Coast, with only minimal
disruptions expected in the West. It would be
wise to purchase early, while stock is still

Bear Mountain Forest Products has been
producing 'premium' quality forest products
since 1988. What differentiates our products
from others is our commitment to quality. We
purchase only clean sawdust and shavings
from reliable sources. Then we dry and
screen our products to insure consistent
quality. The results are wood pellets that burn
hotter and cleaner, stall bedding products
that are softer and healthier, and FireLogs
that burn longer and cleaner. We stand
behind all our products, and our retail
partners that sell our products!
Bear Mountain distributes its products to over
500 retail partners in the Western USA. Direct
shipments to homeowners is not yet possible
due to high freight costs.
Brownsville and Cascade Locks, OR