Delicious natural flavors!
American Heritage BBQ pellets offer a quick and easy way to
add delicious natural flavors to any meal. Impress your family
and friends by adding American Heritage pellets to your next

Can be used with all outdoor BBQ grills.
100% Natural, made from virgin hardwoods.
Packaged in 20# bags.
Available in:
Cascade Alder:
Mild flavoring with a hint
of sweetness for seafoods and poultry.

Texas Mesquite: Strong, tangy flavor for
red meats with a rich campfire taste.

American Hickory: Rich, smoky flavor for
a bacon-like taste on all meats.

Hood River Cherry: Slightly sweet, but
also tart for darker meats.

Washington Apple: Dense and fruity
flavor for ham, pork chops or sausage.

Smokehouse Maple: Sweet milky flavor
for white meats.