Premium Quality for improved animal comfort.
Cozy Den Shavings have long been considered the industry's finest.
Cozy Den does not just bag raw shavings. First, we use only clean
shavings from reliable suppliers. Next, we dry all shavings to 8-10%
moisture to assure animal health. Finally, we double screen Cozy
Den to remove fine sawdust and large wood chunks. The end result
is a superior animal bedding.

  •       Available in Fir, Pine, Cedar and Event Mix.
  •       Naturally absorbent and fresh smelling.
  •       Compressed bales fluff to 10+ cubic feet of shavings.
  •       Ideal for stalls, kennels, birthing areas and cages.
  •       Available in 3.9 cubic foot bales, 28 bales per pallet.