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Welcome to J n L Stoves and Spas. Where the possibilities are endless.
n L Stoves and Spas has been a family owned business since 1982.
You won't get burned with our quality products and competitive prices.  
Providing quality information and answers to satisfy your wood, pellet and
gas heating needs for your home.

At J n L Stoves and Spas you will enjoy a “Hearth warming

J n L Stoves and Spas
is knowledgeable and a helpful place to be. We have
factory trained employees to service the products we carry.

We're a one stop shop which will...

* Coordinate with the gas company
* Coordinate with installation of your unit
* Help with the permits

Our staff makes positive suggestions to help enhance your choice whether
elegant rustic, contemporary, or country. High efficiency, performance, value
and aesthetics are our priority when selecting a product line to work best for
you our clients get the very best in quality for a reasonable price.

It’s that easy!  All you need to do is pick out which product you like and our
employees do the rest.

At J n L Stoves and Spas we are committed to our customers. Stop by our
store today and enjoy the peaceful serenity of the country where everyone is