The Traeger Wood Pellet Grill works on standard
household current (110V), which powers the auger
and a draft induction fan. The heat is generated
by burning natural, hardwood pellets—not from
any sort of element or coil. The auger
automatically feeds 100% natural hardwood
pellets from the pellet hopper into the firepot. Air is
added via a draft fan, which helps the pellets to
combust in the firepot, similar to a miniature forge.
The hot wood fire vapors surround the food and
cook it the way you want it, with no charring and
no flare-ups - perfectly cooked food the first time
and every time you barbeque.

This process is controlled by a state-of-the-art
microprocessor control board, which regulates the
speed at which the auger operates. There are
three setting: High (450 F*), Medium (325 F*) and
Smoke (200-220 F*).
Pellet Consumption: When the switch is on High, the grill burns approximately 2 lbs. of
pellets per hour. On Medium, 1 lb. Per hour, and on Smoke, 1/2 lb. per hour.

Power Consumption: During the first four minutes (while the ignitor rod is on), the grill will
draw 300 watts per hour, then drop down to 50 watts per hour for the duration of your cook
session--less than a standard light bulb!

But do Traeger Grills heat evenly? Yes they do! You can't see it in the drawing above,
but over the firepot is a steel heat baffle that serves as the first point of heat diffusion. A
few inches above this is a steel drip pan. Besides catching the drippings from the cook
surface (you line it with foil for easy cleanup), it also serves as a secondary point of heat
diffusion. The end result is a grill that heats so evenly that you can cook pizza right on the
grill (and we highly recommend that you try this—it's wonderful!
Setup on all Traeger Grills is simple.
Allow 15-20 minutes' assembly time, then run your
new grill on High for one hour to 'season' it - that's it!